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0.7mm Thickness KBL-T58 Fleece Wiring Tape For Automotive Wire Harness

0.7mm Thickness KBL-T58 Fleece Wiring Tape For Automotive Wire Harness

Automotive Wire Harness Fleece Wiring Tape

KBL-T58 Fleece Wiring Tape

0.7mm Thickness Fleece Wiring Tape

Place of Origin:

Guangzhou China

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Product Details
Adhesion To Steel:
Product Name:
Fleece Wiring Tape
Temperature Range:
-40℃ (4h)~105℃ (3000h)
Resistance To Chemicals:
Class B
Flame Retardation:
Class B Self-extinguishing
Tensile Strength:
Elongation At Break:
Wiring Protection
Resistance To Abrasion:
Core Diameter:
Moisture Resistant:
Part Code:
Standard Length:
Part Name:
Non-woven Fleece Tape
Automotive, Electrical, Industrial
Adhesive Type:
Key Words:
Automotive Harness Tape
Chemical Resistant:
Water Resistance:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 carton
Packaging Details
Carton Box
Delivery Time
within 5-7days
Payment Terms
T/T, Paypal
Supply Ability
500 cartons per day
Product Description

Polyester Non-wave Fabric Material Fleece Wiring Tape For Wire Harness Cable

Product Description:

Fleece wiring tapes, also known as fleece tapes or fabric tapes, are adhesive tapes that consist of a backing made of fleece or fabric material and an adhesive layer on one side. The fleece backing provides flexibility, conformability, and durability, while the adhesive layer allows the tape to securely adhere to various surfaces.


The fleece backing of these tapes is typically made from polyester or cotton fibers. It has a soft, woven texture that provides excellent flexibility, allowing the tape to conform to irregular shapes, bends, and contours. This flexibility makes fleece wiring tapes ideal for wrapping around wires and cables, ensuring a snug fit and preventing movement or chafing.


The adhesive layer on one side of the tape is formulated to provide strong adhesion to a variety of surfaces, such as plastic, metal, rubber, and fabric. The adhesive is typically a synthetic rubber-based or acrylic-based adhesive, chosen for its bonding strength and resistance to temperature, moisture, and other environmental factors.



  • Product Name: Fleece Wiring Tape
  • Resistance to Abrasion: Good
  • Resistance to UV: Good
  • Elongation: ≥10%
  • Length: 10m 
  • Other Features: Automotive Wiring Harness Tape, Fleece Wire Harness Tape

Technical Parameters:

Application Insulation Of Wiring Harness
Material Non-woven Fabric
Width 9/19/25/32/38/50mm ±0.2
Flame retardation Class B Self-extinguishing
Length 10m 
Thickness 0.31mm
Tensile Strength 20N/cm
Resistance to Abrasion Good
Resistance to Chemicals Good
Elongation ≥10%


Fleece wiring tapes, also known as fleece tapes or fabric tapes, are adhesive tapes with a fleece or fabric backing used in various applications related to wiring and electrical installations. These tapes are designed to provide insulation, protection, and bundling capabilities for electrical wires and cables. Here are some common applications of fleece wiring tapes:


1. Wire Harnessing: Fleece tapes are widely used in wire harnessing applications, where they are employed to bundle and secure a group of wires or cables together. The fleece backing offers excellent flexibility and conformity, allowing the tape to conform to irregular shapes and contours, ensuring a snug fit and preventing wire movement or chafing.

2. Electrical Insulation: Fleece tapes provide an additional layer of insulation for electrical wires and components. They can be wrapped around individual wires or used to cover exposed sections of cables, providing protection against physical damage, moisture, and electrical short circuits. The fleece backing acts as a barrier, preventing the wires from coming into contact with each other or with other conductive surfaces.


3. Wire and Cable Repair: When wires or cables are damaged, fleece wiring tapes can be used to repair them temporarily or as a temporary measure until a permanent fix can be implemented. The tape can be wrapped around the damaged section, providing both insulation and mechanical strength to hold the wires together.

4. Automotive Applications: Fleece tapes find extensive use in the automotive industry for various wiring and cable management tasks. They are employed in the assembly of wire harnesses, protecting wiring systems against vibrations, abrasion, and temperature fluctuations. Fleece tapes are also used for wrapping cables in engine compartments, where they provide thermal insulation and safeguard against chemical exposure.


Q: What is Kablee Fleece Wiring Tape?
A: Kablee Fleece Wiring Tape (T02) is a high-performance insulation tape made of special materials. It is RoHS/REACH/ELV/IATF16949:2016 certified and has excellent insulation performance, flame retardancy, high temperature resistance and weather resistance.
Q: Where is it made?
A: Kablee Fleece Wiring Tape (T02) is made in Guangzhou, China.
Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: The minimum order quantity is 1 carton.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: The price of Kablee Fleece Wiring Tape (T02) is between 0.01-0.03.
Q: How is it packaged?
A: Kablee Fleece Wiring Tape (T02) is packaged in Carton Boxes.
Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: The delivery time for Kablee Fleece Wiring Tape is within 5-7 days.

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